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4 Quick and Easy Steps to Defrosting Your Fridge Freezer

Defrosting your fridge freezer is essential to keep it working efficiently. Whether your appliance is frost-free or not, it will benefit from a twice-yearly defrost and deep clean.

Follow these 4 quick and easy steps to defrost your fridge freezer.

1. Switch off and unplug

Open all the doors and remove any food from the shelves. It’s wise to plan ahead and use up food the week before you defrost, but if this isn’t an option, transfer food items to a cooler with some ice bricks. Remember certain food items, especially raw chicken, cannot be refrozen. Keep the doors open throughout the defrosting process to let the warm air circulate.

2. Take out removable trays

The removable trays should click out easily, but if you have ice build-up in the freezer you may need to wait for this to melt. Wash the trays with a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning product like dishwashing liquid, and leave to dry.

3. Let the ice melt

This part takes a bit of time. Place towels, a shallow tray or newspaper on the floor around the fridge to soak up puddles from the melting ice. To speed the process along, try filling a bowl with boiling water and placing it in the freezer with the door closed. Open the door every fifteen minutes or so and replace the boiling water. Another option is to use a hairdryer to blow enough warm air into the freezer to dislodge large chunks without needing them to fully melt. If you try this, be sure to take necessary safety precautions. Electrical appliances and water don’t mix, so check your hairdryer for frayed cords and keep it away from the water at all times. Once the ice is melting, you can use a plastic spatula to dislodge the ice chunks. Be sure to only use plastic – metal knives or spoons could pierce or scratch the casing which will lead to an expensive repair later on.

4. Do a thorough clean

When all the ice is melted, thoroughly clean the inside of the fridge and freezer. Wipe the seals well, as they’re commonplace for food and dirt to build up. Wipe down all the inside walls, and let them dry before turning your fridge back on.

And that’s it! A job well done.

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