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Top 8 Appliances in Australia: Most Popular Brands

Australia has a world of home appliance brands to choose from, from giants like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, to brands like Fisher & Paykel and Breville. Due to a large number of appliance brands and similar items on the market, it can seem like a daunting challenge to determine which to trust, especially if you’re … Read more

10 Innovative Ways You Can Use Your Dishwasher Tablet

Dishwasher tablets are an amazing option you can use to clean your dishes since they are designed with components such as bleach, enzymes and chemicals to remove food particles, stains and grease off dishes. These tablets do an amazingly efficient job of cleaning your dishes. But that’s not all they can be used for! Here … Read more

Kitchen Appliance Trends that are Actually Worth the Splurge

No home is complete without a kitchen. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, drawing everyone together at the beginning or end of each day. A well-designed kitchen with the trendiest updates doesn’t just add to your food experience but improves your lifestyle by creating a more inviting environment for your family members … Read more

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

Sustainability in each household is incredibly important. 2021 can be your year for a fresh, eco-friendly start at home! Specifically when it comes to your kitchen, there are various steps you can take with regards to packaging, energy consumption, water consumption and more to create a fully sustainable kitchen! Here are our 4 easy hacks … Read more

Appliance Repair Classed an Essential Service

Are you suffering at home with a broken fridge, washing machine, oven or just about any other household appliance in need of repair? DO NOT attempt to service these electrical/gas appliances by yourselves, for the sake of your own safety. We understand that the global pandemic has brought many of our usual routines to a … Read more

7 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Oven

Your oven is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen! From freshly made home cooked meals to baking whole cakes, the oven is responsible for the most wonderful of memories. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary repairs and extend its life, you’ll want to learn how to consistently maintain … Read more

7 Reasons Your Dishwasher Isn’t Working

Dishwashers getting your dishes clean can be a complete godsend when you lack the time to go through the process manually. Dishwasher isn’t working the way it used to? This could mean your appliance is heading towards the end of its lifespan or it isn’t being maintained properly. If you’re wondering what exactly it could … Read more