Real Estate Agents & Company Bookings

You can complete our online company/agency booking form or phone our customer service team!

We do require a work order for all company/agency booking forms to confirm the details and authorisation for the service call against your account.

We prefer payment by any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard). If you do not have a Company account then we require you to log a credit card with our customer service team prior to the service call. As you will generally not be on-site this makes it easy for everyone involved to process the repair and the account afterwards.

We also offer 7 day accounts to approved account holders.

Please contact our customer service team for a Company/Agency Account.

Please note: All accounts should be paid on time and may incur overdue fees for late payment. If you have any queries or issues with our payment terms please discuss this with our Customer Service team prior to your service call being conducted. We can usually accommodate most requirements.

A work order is an authorisation from your company to AWR to do work which contains as a minimum the location of the repair, any contact details, the appliance to be repaired and what is wrong.

We recommend including a “go-ahead if below” value, ie “Go ahead with repair if total cost below $300” as this will save you money if we are able to install any parts required on our first visit.

This can be sent to us via email to [email protected].

The best way to control your costs is to set a “Go ahead” value of approx $300 for your service call. This means that that if the parts required are within a reasonable value you will be saved the cost of any return labour costs, if possible, and you will be quoted for the repair if the costs exceed this “Go ahead” value.

In order to arrange the service call we need the address of the service call, the full name of the tenant or site contact, mobile and land line contact number and email if possible.

It is not cost effective for us to offer free quotes. However, if the appliance needs to be replaced our “Risk Free Service Call” means that we are able to offer great rates on replacement and can credit up to 100% of the service call cost to the purchase of the new appliance. Speak with our customer service or sales team for more details.

As a Real Estate Agent, while we understand that you act on behalf of the property owner, generally we are not provided any details of the property owner and they will not have viewed & agreed to our terms & conditions. Your company has engaged us and remains responsible for the processing of our account according to your responsibility as the owners Agent.

If you wish to avoid this responsibility for the account then we require the owners of the property to book with us directly.

Still need your appliance repaired? call us immediately on