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4 Signs You Need Your Fridge Looked At

fridge with spoiled food inside

Let’s be honest, if your fridge has stopped doing it’s number one job – keeping your food cool – it’s a clear sign you need either a replacement or a repair.

But what if the signs are more subtle? The fridge is one of the hardest-working appliances in the home, and needs to be in good working order to run efficiently.

Here are four signs that you need your fridge looked at.

1. Your food is spoiling quickly

If your fridge isn’t cooling the way it used to – or the temperature is inconsistent – there is a good chance it’s working too hard (and you’re not even seeing a result).

Food spoiling more quickly than usual is a good sign to watch out for.

It might not be as obvious as food feeling warm to the touch, but if you’re noticing a change, the chances are your fridge needs to be looked at.

2. Your freezer is far too frosty

Most freezers need defrosting from time to time, but if your freezer is consistently full of ice, despite occasional defrosting, something is wrong.

There is nothing worst than having to hack through the ice to find your ice cream, so it’s time to get your fridge looked at!

3. There is mold on your seals or condensation on the inside of the fridge

Most fridges deals with a certain amount of condensation through a small drain at the bottom.

If you’re finding water droplets on the walls or puddles under your veg drawer, you may have more condensation than normal.

This could be for a simple reason, like the frequent opening of the fridge door, but it could also mean your seals are not airtight.

Warm air outside the fridge carries more moisture than the cold air inside, causing condensation.  Mold on your seals might be a clue that the seals need replacing.

4. Your fridge is more than 10 years old

If your fridge is more than 10 years old, it may be time to replace it.

Studies show that after ten years, your appliance is likely to be costing you more energy to run than newer, more efficient models, which means an upgrade may be a good investment.

That said, if your fridge is still working well, a service might be all it needs.

Contact us at Nationwide appliances if you’re experiencing any of the above problems and you need fridge repair done. We are happy to help!


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