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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Toss In Your Washing Machine

A washing machine is an excellent appliance for your laundry needs. It turns out that it isn’t just for clothes. Surprisingly there are loads of other things that you can clean in your washing machine. Here is a list of household items you can toss in that washing machine other than your clothes.

  1. Stuffed toys

Your little one’s stuffed toys and teddy bears can be washed in the washing machine. First, make sure there are no rips to prevent loss of filling. Put the playthings in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase and wash on delicate cycle. Use cold water and less than the regular amount of detergent. Remove and air dry. However, toys stuffed with batteries, beads, and balls should not be washed.

  1. Shower curtains and liners

Shower curtains need regular cleaning to remove mildew and other gunk that build up. Place in a mesh laundry bag and wash with a few towels on a regular cycle and small amount of regular detergent. Hang them to dry before putting them back on.

  1. Pet leashes and collars

If you are a pet lover, you can toss most of their collars and leaches in the washing machine. Remove any pet hair that may be present on the pet collars and leashes. Place them in a mesh bag and wash on gentle cycle.

  1. Protective sports gear

Sports are engaging hence your sports gear can get soiled from perspiration and dirt. You can wash your shoulder, elbow and knee pads, shin guards, and gloves in the washer. Put them in mesh bags and wash on the gentle cycle with warm water and regular detergent. Allow items to air dry.

  1. Canvas shoes and backpacks

You can also wash canvas shoes and backpacks.  Make sure you remove laces and unzip. For canvas backpacks, turn them inside out. Place into a mesh bag and wash on delicate cycle in cold water.

  1. Yoga Mat

You can clean a yoga mat in the washing machine unless the manufacturers advise against doing so. Wash the mat on the delicate cycle with cold water using a smaller amount of gentle detergent. Do not spin it to avoid overstretching. Remove and air dry.

  1. Mop heads

After cleaning your house, your mop needs to be thoroughly cleaned.  Remove the mop head and wash in warm water and regular detergent. Remove and air dry completely.

It’s without any doubt that your washing machine can do more than just wash your clothes. That’s why you need it to in good shape all the time. In case you encounter any problem; at Nationwide Repair Appliances, we are always ready to help. Contact us today for professional services.

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