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Save $$$ with Sustainable Laundry Hacks

Laundry appliances are one of the many household mechanisms that we simply can’t do without. In fact, some of the biggest water-users in your homes are your very own washing machines! But with the right choice in appliances and by applying the right methods of using them, this usage could be far less. Not only … Read more

Energy Saving Tips For Washing Machines

Washing machines are efficient and a lifesaver when it comes to laundry work.  However, they can also be a significant cause of your high energy bill. You can actually lower your energy bill by changing various washing habits. Here are some tips to save energy when doing your laundry Use warm or cold water A … Read more

How long should by washing machine last?

How long should your washing machine last? Popular opinion says the average washing machine should last around 11 years. Usually we don’t ask ourselves this question until our washing machine breaks and we have to make the decision to have it repaired or replace it. If your washing machine is 8 years old or more, … Read more