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Booking a Service Call


Service Call – $47+GST

Labour – $93+ GST

Total Service Call – $140 + GST


Service Call – $90+GST

Labour – $90+ GST

Total Service Call – $180 + GST
This includes:

  • A Mobile service van visit to your home from one of our trained appliance technicians
  • Up to 30 Mins of labour on the visit
  • Note: most repairs are completed within this 30 minute period

Additional Labour (Per 15 Mins) $40.00 +  GST


Total Service Call – $220+GST
This includes:

  • A Mobile service van visit to your office/home/workplace from one of our trained appliance technicians
  • Up to 1 hour of labor on the visit
  • Additional Labour (Per 15 Mins) $40.00 + GST

Without having seen your appliance and the fault, it is impossible for us to tell exactly what parts will be required for the job. Once our technician has inspected your appliance you may request a written or verbal estimate prior to our technician repairing your appliance.

If you think that you know what parts your appliance would require please visit our webshop to see the prices of these parts. Please note that prices may vary and additional parts may be required beyond what you think are needed.

Appliance repairs are often complex and we do our very best when providing estimates for repair, however due to the complex nature of modern appliances if additional parts are required to complete above what was quoted in a written estimate, these will be charged our standard terms and conditions.

We prefer payment via the following major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard ).
We do accept cash but please bear in mind that our technicians do not carry change.

We are happy to create accounts for any company with an ABN – subject to credit approval. Our credit terms are 7 days from date of invoice and overdue fees may apply. We get many questions about processing service calls for account customers so we created a special page to answer all the questions you will have about booking service calls on an account.



Our technicians carry a large number of parts both in their vans for your visit and also in the local warehouses. We attempt to bring the parts we believe are necessary. However, you might appreciate that there is a huge number of appliances and an even larger number of parts available. We can not carry every possible part and may need to order parts once we have diagnosed the exact parts you require.

For most customers we will have the parts on the day. But if you require us to bring the parts you believe are necessary we may ask for you to pay for the parts or log a credit card in our system for payment in advance.

For many customers we are able to confirm your service time when you book. During busy periods and for some regional areas we need to coordinate the trip for our technicians to best accommodate all of our customers and may ask you for 2 preference times. In these instances you will receive a follow up phone call to confirm the booking time our technician will visit your property.

You will receive a confirmed booking window when you book with us or when we ring to confirm one of your preferred call time. You can request for the technician to phone you 30 mins in advance of the service call.

Our technicians visit many customers during a day and we can not tell the exact amount of time for each call. We allocate each customer a window of time that our technician will visit your property. If you need a notification of when we are coming to your property we are happy to give you a call on approach.

We do not offer an out of hours service all the time and in all places. In some areas we are able to organise a Saturday or after hours visit but we have limited spots available for this service.

The warranty on our service call is for 3 months on labour conducted to complete the repair. We also extend the warranty on our spare parts to 12 months. On the day our technician will be able to tell you if the repair is covered under warranty or if there are further charges applicable. While we try to repair all issues with your appliance we can only repair what we see or have reported to us is an issue. If we dont know about it we can not fix it.

Service Labour warranty – 3 months.

Spare Parts warranty – 12 months.

You will need to pay for the service call but the parts, if faulty, will be changed under their warranty.

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