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Dropped Your Phone in Water? Try this!

If you’ve had one of those awful moments where you’ve dropped your phone in the swimming pool, down the toilet or into the kitchen sink, you’ll know the feeling of panic as you realise you might just have lost your phone for good. Unfortunately, often water-logged phones do need to be replaced, but if you act quickly enough, there is a chance your phone will survive the dunking. Follow these tips to save a water damage phone.


Act fast


As quickly as you can, get the phone out of the water. The longer the phone is submerged, the more water will seep into the cracks and inner workings of your device. Timing matters with water damage, so move through the steps below as fast as possible. It’s probably unlikely, but if your phone happens to be connected to a wall charger when it falls into water, first turn off the electricity mains before attempting to rescue it, or call an electrician to determine the safest way to disconnect the phone.


Switch it off


Most of the time, your phone will be off when you fish it out, but if it isn’t, switch it off as quickly as possible. Remember, just because it’s working doesn’t mean it doesn’t have water damage, and if it’s on, it’s likely to short circuit, causing irreparable damage. If you can, open it up, remove any batteries, covers, sim cards and other removable parts and set them aside to dry. Sim cards are fairly water resistant and should survive submersion if dried off quickly.


Dry it off


Use paper towels to gently remove any excess water. A dabbing motion will ensure water doesn’t run further into the phone. Don’t blow on the phone, dry it with a hair dryer or apply any kind of heat as this just moves the water deeper into the inner workings of the phone. If your phone is very wet, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out excess water instead. When you’ve done what you can, place the phone into a bag of uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. Rice absorbs water and helps the drying process. Remember to resist the urge to keep trying to turn your phone on. Patience is important, here! Give your phone it’s best chance at recovery. After 24 hours, place your phone on an absorbent paper towel to see if there is any remaining moisture. If it’s dry, it’s time to see if it works.


If you’ve followed all the above steps and your phone still doesn’t work, Call Nationwide Appliance Repairs for a professional opinion!

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