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Are You Ready for Smart Home Products?

The number of smart home products is growing all the time. Smart speakers have become almost normal, but did you know that there are dozens of other smart products to improve your home? Via a single app, you’re now able to control much more than just your music. These are our favourite smart gadgets.

LG’s Touchscreen Fridge

Coming soon – this fridge freezer isn’t just for keeping food cool. With a 29 inch touch screen (it is powered by ALEXA, Amazon’s voice assistant. It has a camera that will send photos of the fridge contents to your smartphone, so if you’re not home, you need only access the app, and ask ALEXA to order you the groceries you need. You can even “flag” items that will soon expire and set reminders. If you’re in front of the fridge, a simple tap will make the screen transparent so you can see what’s inside without opening the door!

PureSmile Sonic Toothbrush

With the PureSmile SonicBrush, you can get an excellent brushing experience without having to worry about changing batteries. This brush has three different settings and five modes so that your teeth will always be clean! It also features efficient 31-40 thousand vibrations per minute (vpm) which makes this one of most powerful brushes on today’s market as well as being water resistant IPX7 rating means it should withstand swimming damage.

Phillips Hue Bulbs


The latest in lighting, Phillips LED light bulbs are not only energy efficient and long-lasting, they change colour. What makes them smart? When connected to your wifi network, you can change the colour of the bulbs from your smartphone, or set them to turn on or off at certain times. The colours are deep and rich, and change between blue, green, yellow and red. Phillips Hue Bulbs work with both ALEXA and other smart home systems. They’re bright, fun and definitely smart.


Smart Security Systems


If you’re looking to upgrade the security on your house, smart security systems allow you to keep tabs on your property from your smartphone. These systems are usually small, standalone cameras that connect to wifi and stream information directly to you. They can be set up to send notifications if they detect motion or noise. Many have night vision settings. There are plenty of models on the market, and great features to choose from. Some are weatherproof, some will automatically record if they detect motion, and the quality of camera and scope of view varies. Most are compatible with ALEXA. You’ll never need to worry about leaving your property again!


At the beginning of 2018, it’s exciting to see how technology is advancing and becoming smarter. If you have any problems with your appliances, smart or otherwise, contact Nationwide Appliance Repairs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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