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How To Fix A Clogged Dishwasher

A clogged dishwasher can cause water to back up and overflow, potentially damaging your floors and cabinets.

If this happens, you’ll need to take some steps to clear the blockage and get your dishwasher running again.

In this article, we will walk you through the necessary steps on how to fix a clogged dishwasher. Whether it’s a simple blockage or something more complicated, we have you covered.

Before we start with the repair process, here are the things you may need:

  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Brush / Toothbrush
  • Drain snake (optional)

7 Best Solutions To Unclog A Dishwasher

How To Fix A Clogged Dishwasher

To unclog your dishwasher, gather all the necessary materials needed and then follow these simple steps:

#1: Check And Test Your Garbage Disposal

The first step when troubleshooting a clogged dishwasher is to check if your garbage disposal is working correctly. If not, the blockage could be coming from there and will need to be cleared before you can unclog your dishwasher.

To do this, plug in the garbage disposal and turn it on. Observe if it is making any noise. If it’s not, turn it off and unplug it before attempting to clear the blockage.

#2: Get Rid Of The Water Inside The Dishwasher

If there’s standing water inside your dishwasher, use a bucket or other container to scoop out the water. You may need to do this several times until all the water has been removed. It would be easier for you to detect where the blockage is if the dishwasher is empty and dry.

#3: Inspect The Sink’s Air Gap

The air gap is located on the top of the sink beside the faucet. It is a device that prevents water from backing up into your dishwasher. Inspect it to make sure that nothing is clogging it.

To clean the air gap, take off its cover and rinse it with hot water. If you find any debris, use a toothbrush or brush to get rid of it. You can also pour some vinegar down the air gap in order to dissolve any bits of food that may have been stuck inside.

#4: Get Rid Of The Gunk From The Drain Basket

Get Rid Of The Gunk From The Drain Basket

The drain basket is located at the base of the dishwasher and collects food debris and small items such as buttons, coins, etc. Inspect it to make sure that nothing is clogging it. If you find any debris, remove them with a pair of tweezers or by hand.

You can also use a drain snake to break up the debris and make it easier to get rid of. If the problem persists, replacing the drain basket may be a good idea.

#5: Check The Drain Hose

Ensure that food debris or foreign objects don’t clog the drain hose. Check it for any kinks or blockages, and ensure that it is properly connected to your dishwasher and garbage disposal. If the hose has any damage, replace it immediately.

#6: Clean The Dishwasher Filter

The dishwasher filter is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. It collects food debris and other small particles, which can clog the machine if they are not removed regularly. Clean it with a soft brush or cloth and rinse it thoroughly with hot water to remove any debris.

#7: Use A Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution On the Drain Pipe

If all the above steps fail, you can try using vinegar and baking soda solution. Pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain pipe and wait for fifteen minutes. Then add one cup of baking soda and allow it to sit for another fifteen minutes.

Finally, rinse it with hot water. This should clear any blockages in the pipes and help unclog your dishwasher. If this fails, it may be time to call in a professional appliance technician for assistance.

How To Find An Appliance Repair Near You?

dishwasher repair

If all the steps you have followed above fail to unclog your dishwasher, it’s time to give a call to an appliance repair professional near you. It is important to choose one who has experience in dealing with dishwashers and other kitchen appliances, as they will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and recommend the best solution for it.

To find a dishwasher repair technician, the best way to find a local professional is to search online with “appliance repair + [your city].” This will generate a list of reputable specialists in close proximity that can help.

If you’re an Aussie looking for the finest appliance repair services, National Appliance Repair is here to help. Our Australian-based company offers nationwide networks of experienced technicians ready and willing to assist. Reach out today, and we’ll be happy to connect you with the closest professional!


Unclogging a dishwasher can be quite simple if you know what to do. The above steps should help you quickly and effectively eliminate the blockage. However, if all else fails, it’s best to call in an appliance repair specialist for assistance.

With the right professional on your side, you’ll have your dishwasher unblocked and running smoothly in no time. For the best appliance repair services in Australia, contact National Appliance Repair today! We’ll be happy to connect you with a top-notch technician near you.

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