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Kitchen Appliance Trends that are Actually Worth the Splurge

Kitchen Appliance Trends that are Actually Worth the Splurge

No home is complete without a kitchen. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, drawing everyone together at the beginning or end of each day.

A well-designed kitchen with the trendiest updates doesn’t just add to your food experience but improves your lifestyle by creating a more inviting environment for your family members to sit, chat and do their work.

It also gives you an eye-catching room worth showing off to your guests! 

If you are thinking of home remodeling soon or just simply upgrading your kitchen you have come to the right place! Here are the latest kitchen appliance trends that are actually worth the splurge!

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens cook faster than a microwave

Steam ovens are considered one of the fastest-growing types of home appliances, and manufacturers are saying that we are going to see more and more of these from here on.

Steam ovens cook faster than a microwave which means food is prepared in no time.

It also avoids flavors crossing over, hence you can cook two dishes at the same time and have your lunch or dinner ready faster.

Bluetooth Sync & Wi-fi

Control your appliances from anywhere using your very own smartphone. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow you to connect to your appliances, set timers on your microwaves, turn your lights on and off, start brewing your coffee before you even get out of bed and much more with a tap of a button. 

Built in Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers are the ideal solution to help keep your food preserved longer

Vacuum sealers are the ideal solution to help keep your food preserved longer. While vacuum sealing your food used to rely on expensive technology, we now have in-built vacuum sealers, which are a more affordable alternative that can be built into your cabinetry. 

Touch Sensors Instead of Knobs

Touch Sensors Instead of Knobs

Change your flame intensity and temperature of your stove with a simple touch using touch sensors. Appliance manufacturers are replacing traditional knobs with touch and swipe controls that add quite the futuristic feel to your kitchen! 

Ice-White Kitchen

Ice White Kitchen Appliances

An easy way to give your kitchen a classy, clean and modern feel is to invest in white themed appliances. This colour has been voted as one of the top choices for kitchen aesthetics of the year 2021. 

Whirlpool has a white ice collection that gives a sleek and pleasing appearance. 

Your kitchen is where your day begins and ends. It should be a place of comfort and creativity. Therefore, don’t be afraid to choose your aesthetics and let your imagination decide how your kitchen should be.

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In conclusion, the latest kitchen appliance trends significantly improve functionality and design. Steam ovens are faster and more efficient than microwaves, allowing you to cook multiple dishes without flavour crossover.

The integration of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi lets you control appliances remotely, simplifying daily tasks. Built-in vacuum sealers extend food freshness, and touch sensors replace traditional knobs, making operation smoother.

Opting for ice-white appliances can also modernise your kitchen’s look. These upgrades are practical investments if you’re considering a kitchen renovation or simply aiming to enhance its capabilities and aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of steam ovens compared to microwaves?

Steam ovens cook food faster than microwaves and prevent flavour crossover, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously without mixing tastes.

How can Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity enhance kitchen appliance usage?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in kitchen appliances enable remote control via smartphones. This technology allows you to set timers, turn lights on and off, and start appliances like coffee machines remotely, adding convenience and efficiency to your kitchen operations.

Why should I consider installing built-in vacuum sealers in my kitchen?

Built-in vacuum sealers help preserve food longer by sealing out air, which can extend the shelf life of your groceries. This feature is now more affordable and can be integrated into kitchen cabinetry, making it a practical addition for food storage and management.

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