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10 Innovative Ways You Can Use Your Dishwasher Tablet

innovative ways you can make use of your dishwasher tablets

Dishwasher tablets are an amazing option you can use to clean your dishes since they are designed with components such as bleach, enzymes and chemicals to remove food particles, stains and grease off dishes. These tablets do an amazingly efficient job of cleaning your dishes. But that’s not all they can be used for! Here are some innovative ways you can make use of your dishwasher tablets.

Garbage cans

Garbage cans require a thorough wash every once in a while. A simple way to do this is by filling your garbage can with warm water, drop your dishwasher tablet in, let it dissolve and leave it in there for at least an hour. Then wash it off with warm water.

Clean the toilet

We know it seems strange but this pod is so efficient at cleaning that you can even use it to scrub your toilets! All you have to do is just drop a tablet in the toilet bowl and let it dissolve. Follow it up with a routine scrub.  


It’s easy for the bottom of your sink to look quite drab and grimy over time. An easy way to wash all that off is to run warm water in your sink, rub the dishwasher tablet around the sink. Rinse it with warm water afterwards.

Washing Machine

Due to bacteria build up, it is important to clean your washing machine at least once in 3 months. One method to clean it is by adding your pod to the washer’s drawer and running it in hot water. You can make this process efficient by adding a couple of kitchen cloths in it.

With White Laundry 

As we discussed before, dishwasher tablets contain bleach. If your white clothes have any stains, add a dishwasher pod along with your load and the detergent. This way you can get your white clothes stain-free and bright again.

Cat Box

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll know how important it is to give your cat’s litter box a thorough cleaning at least once a week. Simply throwing away the litter does not get rid of the smell of ammonia. Empty the box, add your dishwasher pod with water and leave it overnight to sink in before cleaning it off.

A small note to keep in mind is to always wear a glove when you have to come in contact with a dishwasher pod.

There are so many options of dishwasher pods you can choose from. Select what is best for you to use on a daily basis and it will also help you efficiently clean your home!

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