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Oven Safety Tips

An oven is one of the most essential and useful household appliances; however, it can be a source of danger and caution must be taken when in use. If not handled with care, ovens can cause fires, scald burns and other injuries. Here are several tips that must be put into consideration.

  1. Use the right cookware

You must always use cookware that is specifically intended for oven use. Some plastics may melt when heated thereby causing harm. Others like metal may damage the oven or cause food to cook unevenly. Additionally, the oven should not be operated when empty.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Every oven comes with a manual that contain the recommended safety precautions and operations procedures.  These instructions must be followed to avoid potential hazards.

Make sure the oven is correctly installed. This is one way to keep your home safe without spending any money.

  1. Cook with care

Always follow the recommended cooking time as overheating foods may cause a fire. Remove food from the oven with utmost care as it may be hot causing burns. You can use oven mitts or other protective material. Monitor the oven when baking, and if it’s not possible, turn off the oven till you have time to keep an eye on it.

  1. Clean the oven regularly

Always ensure the oven is cleaned regularly, and only use the right cleaning products.  Remains from cooking and grease can ignite, potentially causing fires. Clean spills immediately after they occur. You should also not let cooking residue accumulate on the door seals; instead, make sure you clean the door seal and oven cavity regularly.

  1. Use the oven properly

An oven should only be used for the purpose it was intended. It should not be used to heat the house or dry materials. It should also not be used for storage of pans, bakeware or any other equipment when not in use.

  1. Don’t use the oven if it has malfunctioned

If the oven has malfunctioned, it’s not safe to continue using it as it can cause harm. Some problems may be difficult and dangerous to fix by yourself. Some of these include gas leaks, oven overheating, and oven being too noisy or cutting out after operating. You shouldn’t use an oven if the door is not closing as it can not only cause damage but also expose you to harmful rays. It’s necessary to call a professional technician to fix the problem and get your oven running again.

If you encounter any issue with your oven, contact Nationwide Appliance Repairs to diagnose and repair your oven.

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