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The Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The latest in household technology, robot vacuum cleaners amazingly move themselves throughout your house, picking up dirt and dust, and using sensors to avoid obstacles and manoeuvre around furniture. At first glance the benefits seem obvious – vacuuming the house has become a job you no longer need to do. But is it worth owning a robot vacuum cleaner? See our guide below for the pros and cons of owning a robot vacuum cleaner. Your days of doing the vacuuming may be numbered!

The pro: These little robots are designed to be small and compact to easily manoeuvre into tight spaces, corners and underneath sofas, beds and tables. This means they get the some of the places we often miss when doing the vacuuming, reducing dust from hard to reach places. Because they’re small, they’re also easy to store and handle. Robot vacuum cleaners have powerful sensors that detect obstacles and move around them, so they don’t need to be monitored.  The earlier models weren’t able to get into corners, but the new ones can. Your only job is to set the program, and after that they’re on their own. The obvious benefit is It will save you time, and your floors can get a daily clean even if you’re out, something few people manage. The robot cleaner works on a battery charge system, so it will find it’s way back to its base charger when it needs to be recharged.

The con: The small size means you have to empty the bag more often than traditional vacuum cleaners, and although they can get into most small spaces, you may need to occasionally do some corners or tough spaces yourself. The sensors are pretty good, especially on newer models, but they can’t sense things like socks or paper, so you do need to tidy the floors before you let the little guy loose. Like traditional vacuum cleaners, they’ll need to be manually unclogged if they suck up the wrong thing. In theory they should be able to be left unsupervised, but even the small ones can still get stuck from time to time and need to be rescued. Occasionally, if the battery is low, they will lose their way when following their route back to their charging unit, which could mean waiting until it’s fully charged again before its ready for use.

There is not doubt that the robot vacuum is a fantastic innovation. There is a fairly high initial cost, but this may be worth it for the time-saving benefits. The choice is yours!

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