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How To Service And Maintain Your Coffee Machine

If you care about good coffee enough to buy an espresso machine, keeping it clean and serviced is essential! Excellent coffee is the result of a combination of factors, and caring for your machine will not only give you a delicious taste, but ensure you have your machine for years to come. Coffee beans produce an oil residue which turn bitter over time. Follow this guide to protect the taste of your beans by servicing and maintaining your coffee machine.


It’s recommended to service your coffee machine ever 12 – 18 months. Servicing usually involves disassembly, inspection, repairs and a good clean. The brew group and valves will all be thoroughly checked and replaced if necessary. Depending on the kind of water you use in your machine, it may need a descaling treatment as well. Its a good rule of thumb to only use filtered water in your espresso machine. A service will also check the electrical safety and pressure of your machine, ensuring it’s working optimally and safely.

Daily Maintenance

The first daily rule is to clear your dregs box, and empty the drip tray. If you have a milk frothing component, this should be wiped down after every use, and cleaned thoroughly at the end of the day. Follow your machine’s instructions to learn how to back flush. This process forces water back through the system to remove any build up. Do this daily with water, or run a rinse cycle. It will also keep the pressure valve in good working order. You don’t need to use a chemical cleaner to back flush every day.

Weekly Maintenance

At the end of every week, use an espresso machine cleaning tablet or powder to do a chemical backflush. The technique will vary according to the manufacturer, so check your manual and follow the recommended process. There are plenty of brands of cleaner to choose from. It’s also a good idea to remove your brew group and rinse it with hot water as part of your weekly clean. Wash your drip tray and water reservoir thoroughly. Use hot water or a food-friendly cleaner to clean the part of the machine that holds the beans, getting rid of any bitter residue. Remove the basket from the portafilter and give it a good scrub. You can buy a special espresso machine brush for this, or try and old toothbrush. Use the same brush to clean the metal filter which dispenses water into your cup.

A great cup of coffee is as much about the machine as the beans! We hope these home tips help you keep your machine making great coffee! Give us a call at Nationwide appliance repair if you have any trouble with your coffee machine.

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