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Kitchen Essentials: Top Tips for Maintaining Your Oven

Over busy holiday periods, often with lots of guests, the oven works overtime. There are two types of modern ovens, gas and electric, and both do best with good maintenance routines and regular servicing. Read below for our top tips on maintaining your oven, and remember that should you need any repairs, Nationwide Appliance Repairs are here to help. Call us today for a comprehensive quote on servicing or repairing your oven. In the meantime, see below for our top oven maintenance tips.




If you’ve cleaned an oven recently, you know it’s a task most would rather avoid. The trick is to keep on top of the cleaning routine by wiping the surfaces after every use, removing grease build up and any spillages during cooking. Over time, these harden and build up causing damage to the oven and a tough cleaning job when you do get round to it. These are our top tips for effective oven cleaning:


  1. Remove knobs to get to hard to reach areas
  2. Remove oven shelves and wash separately
  3. Place a bowl of water in the hot oven for 20 minutes before cleaning to loosen grease.
  4. For a deep clean, use a manufacturer recommended oven cleaner.
  5. Deep clean your oven once a month for the best results.




To look after your oven, a few basics can go a long way. First of all, ensure your oven is positioned properly in your kitchen, allowing air flow out the back, and connected to the right power source for it’s type. Everybody “gets to know” their own oven, but what you really want is to trust it to heat to the right temperature and work well consistently. These are our top tips for oven maintenance:


  1. Check the seal of the door. You can do this by sliding a cash note between the seal and the oven. If there is a gap, you may need the seal repaired for optimal heating.
  2. Check your oven temperature regularly. We recommend doing this with a thermometer to see if the oven temperature is correct. If there is a difference, you may need to call someone out for repairs.
  3. Repair any broken stove top elements quickly.


A well-looked after oven has the best chance of maintaining its efficiency, meaning that in those crucial holiday dinners and busy seasons, you know you can rely on it to show off your culinary skills.

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