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How to tell if your oven actually needs repair

5 Signs That Your Oven Needs Repair

Imagine that your guests are ready for the meal. You go to collect the roast from your oven and realize that it is still raw, or worse it is burnt. What an embarrassment?

You can avoid such scenes if you fix the oven immediately it starts to misbehave.  Below are signs of the most common oven problems.

Your food is undercooked or overcooked

When you bake your favorite cake – the one that has made you a star in your family – you want it to come out just right. Fully baked. But you might notice that it sometimes comes out half baked. You try to increase the temperature and it takes forever to cook. That means that something is amiss.

Half cooked or unevenly cooked food results from a broken heating element or a faulty fan. Get an appliance repair technician to investigate the problem and fix it.

On the other hand, you may find that the food overcooks or burns – even when you turn the temperature down. Sort out this problem immediately because it is a potential fire hazard. The oven burns your food when its temperature control goes haywire. This is a problem caused by a faulty thermostat.


If you notice that the burners of your gas oven blow out or are not as powerful as they used to be; or for an electric range, the burners stop turning, know that they need repair.


Your oven should always work silently. So when you start to hear strange noises when it is running, know that you have a problem. It can result from a loose part – usually a faulty fan or bent fan blade producing sounds as it hits the framework around it.

For a gas oven, noise can come from a blocked gas tube or dirty burners.

 Smelling gas

At all times there should be no smell of gas from your oven. But if you catch any whiff of gas, turn all the gas burners to the off position. If after doing this you can still smell the gas, it’s a sure sign of a gas leak. Call an appliance repair technician to inspect and fix it for you.

The oven door does not close properly

You try to close your oven door but it can’t close. This might be because the hinges are not aligned. Or maybe the door latches are stuck in the closed position. Yet still, it might be a damaged or loose door seal. Get them repaired.

If you notice any problems with your oven consult us at Nationwide Appliance Repair. We offer complete solutions for all your appliance repair and spare part needs throughout Australia. Call us today to inquire.

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