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3 Sure Signs That Your Washing Machine Needs Repair   

Have you noticed the inconsistent performance of your washing machine of late? Perhaps you have. But you are not sure if it is a serious problem that requires repair or it’s something you can live with. We highlight three key signs that will help you know that your machine certainly requires repair.

What sound does your washing machine make when it is running?

Do you hear the normal sound that your beloved washing machine always makes? Or are you startled by the noise that it makes now? If you overload the machine with too many clothes or do not balance the drum properly, its motor strains and the tub ricochets in the housing – making an abnormal sound.

So, reduce the load and balance the drum. If the noise continues, you need to consult an expert technician for advice. Maybe you will have to repair or replace the motor.

Are you able to fill the drum or drain water from it?

You want to fill the drum, but you notice that no water flows in. First, check if you have turned on the cold and hot water faucets. Secondly, make sure that the water hose has no kinks. Lastly, check if there is a delayed cycle selection.

On the other hand, you have completed your cycle and you want to remove the water from the drum but it does not drain out. Here, the problem could be a kink in the hose or a clogged filter.

If your drum still fails to fill or drain after addressing these problems, then your washing machine needs repair.

Does the drum remain stationary even after you power on the machine?

A drum that does not spin can be a result of a faulty lid switch or a broken belt. Here, you cannot do much by yourself unless you are a trained technician. So, it is advisable that you consult a technician for assistance.

Remember that your washing machine, just like all the other home appliances, goes through wear and tear as you use it.  Make sure that you repair it immediately once you see any of the signs discussed here. You will increase its lifespan and it will continue to give you efficient service.

If on the other hand, you do not repair the machine in time, it will deteriorate further and you will have to replace it.

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