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The dishwasher deep clean – the job nobody wants to do

cleaning the dishwasher appliance

It’s not often that we take a look inside the dishwasher beyond loading and unloading our dishes, but when we do, it can be a nasty shock to discover the build up of dirt, debris and slime and covers the filters and surfaces.

Sound familiar? It’s time to do a dishwasher deep clean. Here are our tips for keeping your dishwasher sparkling.

Get into the filter

This is a grim job, but hopefully, the level of dirt will inspire you to become more frequent with your dishwasher deep clean. If you need to, consult your manufacturer’s manual on how to remove the filter. It is usually at the bottom of the machine and clicks out easily.

Put the filter in the sink and use a plastic brush and dishwashing liquid to gently scrub away the grease buildup and dirt. Rinse well and leave to dry.

If you prefer a natural cleaning agent, vinegar and lemon juice with work too. Give the bottom of the machine a wipe with a cloth and replace the filters.

Clean the spray arms

The spray arms are important because they are in charge of water getting evenly distributed during the cycle.

Unfortunately, dishwashers by nature deal with a lot of oily grease and food bits that clog the jets.

Remove the spray arms and run water through the inlet of each to make sure the holes aren’t blocked. Wipe away any slimy build-up with a cloth and replace.

Wipe the door seals clean

A lot of food and grime gets into the door seals, and if left will cause them to become damaged and stop working properly. (If your dishwasher is leaking, it may require the seal to be repaired). A quick wipe is all that’s needed.  

The cleaning cycle 

Finally, give your dishwasher a deep clean by running a cycle without any dishes. Choose the longest, hottest cycle for this part of the deep clean.

There are many branded dishwasher cleaning products on the market, but sprinkling a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda on the bottom of the machine for this cycle will work just as well.

If your dishwasher isn’t working properly and needs repairs, contact our team at Nationwide Appliance Repair.

That’s it! By keeping your dishwasher clean and maintaining it well, you will add years to its life. Remember to treat it well by not overfilling it, scraping excess food into the bin before loading and using the right settings.

Does your dishwasher need repairs? Contact us at Nationwide Appliance Repairs. We’re happy to help!


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