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Pros and Cons of High-Efficiency Washing Machines

When purchasing a new washer, there are many decisions that you’ll need to make. You can purchase a front loading or top loading washer which can come in various colors. You also need to decide on the model, given that there are many models to choose from. However, with the increase in calls for energy conservation, the biggest decision you’ll probably have is deciding between a high-efficiency washer and a more traditional washer. H.E washing machines have gained more popularity among households as people seek to save energy and cut on electricity bills.

Before making that decision, it is important to know the benefits of high-efficiency washers, as well as their drawbacks.

Pros of High-efficiency Washers

Use less water and less detergent

H.E washing machines are designed to use less water. These washers don’t fill up entirely like the traditional washing machine but instead, use a small amount of water. The washer uses about 20 gallons per cycle, which is half of what the traditional appliance uses. H.E machines also use less detergent hence can save you a lot of money over time.

Lower energy bills

H.E washers require less electricity for a load of laundry as less water is heated with each load. Therefore, the overall operational costs of H.E washers are less compared to that of traditional washers. The machine uses more efficient motion hence you don’t need to use hot water to clean your clothes.

Bigger capacity

H.E washing machines have bigger capacity than traditional washers because they don’t have an agitator. This means that you can clean more clothes at once hence fewer loads. In addition, they can accommodate larger items such as comforters.

Gentle on clothes

Since H.E washers don’t have an agitator, they cannot tear or damage your fabric during the wash. They use an up and down motion for washing, resulting in a more gentle wash.

Cons of High-Efficiency Washers

Long wash times

High-efficiency washers have stronger spin cycles, but the washing process is much slower. A normal load of clothing takes about 75 to 90 minutes. They take longer to wash and rinse clothing, meaning that you’ll have to put up with the noise of the cycle for longer.


H.E washing machines cost significantly more than traditional washers, which means you need a bigger upfront budget to get one. However, this cost is cancelled out over time by energy savings. In case a problem occurs, repairing the machine can be quite costly.

Excessive odor

Water can be trapped inside the washer, causing mold and bad odor. You can avoid this by leaving the door open between cycles, and running a cleaning cycle on a regular basis.

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