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How to Choose a Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are essential to most homes, ensuring clothes are dried quickly during wet or winter seasons. Choosing a tumble dryer might seem simple, but there are a range of models available and some key decisions to make when considering the right tumble dryer for your home. These are our top tips for how to choose the right tumble dryer.


Vented, condenser or heat pump?


This decision is fairly easily made, because it will depend on whether or not you have a wall vent to feed a hose through. If you do, a vented tumble dryer is a great choice as it takes the “wet” air from the tumble dryer and pumps it outside. This is the most common type of tumble dryer. If this isn’t possible, a condenser catches the vapour from the drum and stores it in a water tank. This needs to be emptied after every load, but these can be installed anywhere in the home. Heat pump dryers are the most energy efficient option, and come with a much higher price tag than vented or condenser dryers. They recycle the warm air back into the drum and cut energy usage in half, which is a great long term money saver.


Automatic or manual?


Automatic tumble dryers have sensors that detect when clothes are dry and stop the machine automatically. This is more efficient than the usual timed-drying models, because the machine will continue for longer if the clothes need more time, rather than needing to be reset manually. It also saves energy by not letting the machine run for longer than necessary. While this sounds great, reviewers online have found that customers reported sensors stopping cycles too early, leaving the clothes wet. We recommend reading reviews carefully before choosing an automatic dryer model. Manual dryers are the usual, timed drying variety and are often less expensive than automatic machines.


What size?


There are a variety of sizes to choose from, from very small to industrial-sized drums. When considering the capacity you will need, keep in mind that tumble dryers should only be 70% full to work at their best. Larger drums dry clothes quicker, but are only worth it if you need them. Most homes manage with a 7kg capacity dryer.


We hope you find the right machine for you! And remember, if you have any problems with your dryer, contact Nationwide Appliance Repairs for a no-obligation quote.

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