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5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

Sustainability in each household is incredibly important. 2021 can be your year for a fresh, eco-friendly start at home! Specifically when it comes to your kitchen, there are various steps you can take with regards to packaging, energy consumption, water consumption and more to create a fully sustainable kitchen! Here are our 4 easy hacks … Read more

Appliance Repair Classed an Essential Service

Are you suffering at home with a broken fridge, washing machine, oven or just about any other household appliance in need of repair? DO NOT attempt to service these electrical/gas appliances by yourselves, for the sake of your own safety. We understand that the global pandemic has brought many of our usual routines to a … Read more

4 Easy Tricks To Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are a popular choice for many homes. This is because stainless steel’s smooth finish blends well with most décor and gives the kitchen and bathroom a sleek, modern look. Also, stainless steel is well known for its resilience against heat and rust, thanks to its protective layer. However, it’s never stainless from … Read more

The Hottest Kitchen Appliance Trends 2019

The Hottest Kitchen Appliance Trends You Can’t Miss in 2019 There’s no denying that the kitchen is the heart of every home. However, by itself, it may not be all that special. What makes it special is the appliances you use and of course, what comes out of the kitchen. Gone are the days when … Read more

8 Smart Home Appliances That Will Rock Your World

It’s been a couple of years now since the first smart home appliances started to appear on the market. They are becoming more and more widespread due to their promise of making life easier and stress-free. We are headed to a future in which all of our home appliances will be “smart” and accessible on … Read more

Common appliance issues and easy fixes

Let us show you how to resolve the most common issues with your appliance! Troubleshooting appliance problems sounds like something only a technician knows how to do. This can’t be farther from the truth, in fact, many troubleshooting problems you can do yourself. Let us show you how you can troubleshoot problems you may run … Read more