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5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

Sustainability in each household is incredibly important. 2021 can be your year for a fresh, eco-friendly start at home! Specifically when it comes to your kitchen, there are various steps you can take with regards to packaging, energy consumption, water consumption and more to create a fully sustainable kitchen! Here are our 4 easy hacks on how to do just that!


Composting is a simple way to get your food wastage drastically cut down; feed your food back into the soil instead of contributing to landfills. All that fruit and vegetable waste that you chuck away can easily go into your compost pail. You can buy this at your local hardware store. But keep in mind that you can’t composts dairy products!

Energy Efficient Appliances

When investing in your next appliance, make sure to check the energy ratings of all your options before making your decision. The best way to be more sustainable around the kitchen is to invest wisely. The team at Nationwide Appliance Repairs can help you pick out and safely install your new appliance in a jiffy!


Do you find yourself guilty of switching the lights on when completely unnecessary? Or leaving them on even after you’re done with your food prep? If you’re someone that’s quite prone to this, we recommend installing timers or motion sensors for your lights. If you want to make further savings, switch to LEDs for reduced energy consumption.

The dishwasher

If you think washing your dishes by hand is more sustainable, think again! There’s actually a lot more water wastage found in hand-washing as it is a longer process. On the other hand, a dishwasher utilizes a quick cycle to make quick work of your dishes. You can go a step further and buy an energy efficient dishwasher if you’ve yet to pick out an appliance.

Recycled materials

The best way to make a sustainable kitchen is to make sure you’re using eco-friendly materials when considering renovations. From your countertops to using reclaimed wood, you can easily consult the contractor in charge to agree on green materials for your kitchen that lies well within your budget.

There are our top recommended tips on creating a more sustainable kitchen- and some of these points can be used across your household to save more energy and money!

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