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4 Easy Tricks To Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are a popular choice for many homes. This is because stainless steel’s smooth finish blends well with most décor and gives the kitchen and bathroom a sleek, modern look. Also, stainless steel is well known for its resilience against heat and rust, thanks to its protective layer. However, it’s never stainless from … Read more

6 Ways To Save Thousands On Your Electricity Bills

Although the money you pay to utility companies each month may not seem a lot, it might just be what’s keeping you from paying off a debt or going on a vacation. The Department of Energy revealed that the typical family spends an average of $2,200 each year on energy. Tweaking a few things that … Read more

How to Baby-Proof Your Kitchen Appliances

Children are naturally inquisitive and love to explore the home. They like to pull wires, press buttons and seem naturally curious about things they’re not supposed to touch. To keep your children safe, follow this guide to baby-proofing your kitchen appliances.  Latch the doors Just like your cupboard doors, use adhesive mount safety latches on … Read more