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How To Move Appliances Safely

We all know that the process of moving to another home is quite challenging and tiresome. Huge furniture items such as sofas, cupboards, wardrobes, and dining tables are probably the first items that you see when you think about the big and bulky items you have to move. However, they are not the only items … Read more

What You Should Know About Appliance Manufacturer’s Warranties

Your major appliance is a major investment, don’t lose out by not knowing about your warranty! Manufacturers’ warranties are promises made by the manufacturers of the responsibilities they assume regarding their product. They are usually required by law and typically are available to read before you even make the purchase. The coverage of warranties can … Read more

Quick Tips: Cleaning Your Refrigerator Coils

The refrigerator is an essential appliance in any modern home, and luckily doesn’t require much maintenance to keep running efficiently. If your fridge isn’t as cold as it should be, it might be that the condenser coils need cleaning. The dirtier the condenser coils, the harder they work to keep your fridge cool. As a … Read more

Kitchen Essentials: Top Tips for Maintaining Your Oven

Over busy holiday periods, often with lots of guests, the oven works overtime. There are two types of modern ovens, gas and electric, and both do best with good maintenance routines and regular servicing. Read below for our top tips on maintaining your oven, and remember that should you need any repairs, Nationwide Appliance Repairs … Read more