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Energy Saving Tips For Washing Machines

Washing machines are efficient and a lifesaver when it comes to laundry work.  However, they can also be a significant cause of your high energy bill. You can actually lower your energy bill by changing various washing habits. Here are some tips to save energy when doing your laundry

  1. Use warm or cold water

A lot of energy is used by a washing machine to heat up the water. Warm or cold water can as well do the job, saving you more energy. Furthermore, hot water makes your clothes wear out more quickly. There are detergents which are designed for cold-water washing. When washing, always use the right amount of detergent as too much detergent may overwork the motor making it use more energy. However, you can perform a hot wash once in a while to clear out bacteria.

  1. Run full loads

Running a full load or a smaller load uses the same amount of energy.  It’s thus more energy efficient to run one full load than two smaller loads. However, don’t overload the machine as your clothes may not be adequately cleaned and you may need to redo the washing.

  1. Switch off power at the socket

Plugging out the appliance when not in use can save energy to a great extent.  The machine continues to suck power when plugged in thus consuming more energy. This is not only applicable to washing machines but all other appliances as well.

  1. Maximize energy saving settings

Always use the energy-saving settings available on your model. You can use fast wash for lightly soiled clothes to save energy. You should also run the shortest cycle since more energy is used when the machine runs longer.

  1. Pre-soak

Soak stained and heavily soiled clothes before washing. This will help you avoid washing the clothes more than once which would use more energy. You can also use a stain remover to remove stubborn stains.

  1. Buy energy saving models

When you want to buy a washing machine, make sure it has an energy saving star rating. Energy saving models can use up to 37% less energy than the regular ones. Such washing machines not only save you energy but also use less water. If your appliance is too old, you should consider replacing it.

  1. Maintenance

Service your washing machine regularly to ensure it’s always in the right working condition. In case of any faults, make sure it’s repaired as soon as possible. This will not only ensure your machine is working efficiently but also save you money. Contact Nationwide Appliance Repairs for all your washing machine repairs and maintenance.


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