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7 Ways You Can Maintain Your Freezer

The freezer is probably one of the most important appliances you currently have in your household. Treat it right and it’ll last for years to come. Neglect it and you’ll probably find yourself spending on countless unnecessary repairs. Here are some of the best ways you can take care of your freezer- we guarantee that … Read more

How to Store Food in Your Fridge to Prevent Waste during Holidays

Tips on How to Store Food in the Fridge to Prevent Waste This Holiday Season Now that the holiday season is here, you’re sure to be making plans to spend it with friends and family. You’ve probably stacked up your kitchen with loads of goodies that you look forward to cooking during the parties and … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Fridge Odours

Fridge odours may emanate from different sources; from the leftovers you forget to throw away when going for a vacation, leaking containers to the dairy products past their expiry date. Whatever the cause, that pungent smell is offensive. In case you open your fridge, and an awful stench greets you, try these tips to get … Read more


No appliance lasts forever, and a fridge is no exception. No matter how good it is, at some point, its lifespan will come to an end, and you’ll have to replace it. Getting rid of a fridge is not the same as throwing out some garbage into a waste container. In addition to its immobility, … Read more