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What to look for when buying a new Fridge

1. Can your old fridge be repaired?

For both economical and environmental reasons, you should always check that your fridge can be repaired before deciding to buy a new fridge. If in doubt contact a company like ourselves and request an inspection of your appliance to determine if your fridge can be economically repaired, so call us for with your Fridge repair inquiry

2.What size fridge do you need

Depending on what you are using it for, the size of your fridge requirements will vary. If you are a single person or a large family will significantly change the size of the fridge you will need. As a rough guide 1-2 people will need a fridge around the 300 litre mark, 3-4 people will need a fridge around the 500 litre mark and if you have more than 5 people you will likely need a 700 litre or larger fridge.

3.How much space do you have?

Australian kitchens are built with space for our fridges however depending on the size of your house/kitchen, the available space for the fridge will most likely vary. We recommend measuring your fridge, both the width and depth before purchasing a fridge as otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise once you get your new fridge home. You will also want to leave approximately 15-20mm for the two sides, the top and back of the fridge for clearance

4.Type of Fridge

Fridges come in many different configurations and depending on what your requirements are, one configuration may be better than another.

  • Side-by-side Fridges have smaller doors that don’t need a lot of space to open as they are narrower however can accommodate more storage space.
  • French Door fridges have everything you need day in and day out at eye level whilst still incorporating the smaller doors requiring less space in front of the fridge for opening
  • Bottom mount fridges again have daily items at eye level so no need to bend down to get items you need regularly, good for people with back and knee problems.
  • Top mount fridges are the traditional style and usually are the cheapest to purchase and have low running costs. You’ll also most likely find the largest variety in this configuration
  • Energy Efficiency
  • It is important to keep in mind how much energy you new fridge will consume as it will affect your energy bills and also the environment. The more “stars” on the energy efficient sticker, the more economical the fridge will be to run. Most old fridges are not very energy efficient so it may be worthwhile upgrading to a new refrigerator even if your old one is still working ok due to the savings made from your energy bills.

Nation Wide Appliance repairs also sells new fridges including all the configurations named here and can be found in our Fridges section in the Appliance Shop