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Tell-Tale Signs of a Fridge Needing Repair

Your fridge, like any other home appliance, will need repairs in its lifetime. If you know the signs that the fridge is going down, you can seek help from appliance repair professionals in time and get your fridge back up and running. Below are some key signs that your fridge needs help.

 Your food does not cool

You may notice that the fridge doesn’t keep your food cold. In fact, the food goes bad before its use-by date. When this happens, turn the thermostat to a lower temperature and run the fridge again. But if it still does not improve then it means there is a problem.

One of the reasons that cause the fridge not to cool is a loss of the refrigerant – the fluid that moves heat from inside the fridge and emits it outside. If the refrigerant is leaking, you will see some fluid dripping from the fridge. Call for repairs immediately because the fridge will eventually fail completely.

The fridge feels too hot to the touch

A good working fridge is warm when you touch it while it is running. This is because it cools the contents by removing heat from the chamber. But if you find that your fridge is producing too much heat, it’s a sign that it is overworking and can lead to a burn out of the compressor motor.

 Puddles of water

When you see puddles of water under your fridge, it’s a sign that it is leaking. Leakage can be caused by a broken door seal, a clogged defrost drain or faulty water supply valves. Have them checked and repaired immediately.

 Abnormal noise

You are used to that soft humming sound when your fridge is running. Then suddenly it starts to make loud clunking noise. Don’t ignore any sound changes. They often indicate a problem in your system. The sooner your fridge is examined, the better.

 A sudden spike in your electricity cost

You can easily know that your fridge has a problem through your energy consumption. If your energy bill skyrockets yet your household energy consumption habit has remained the same, likely your fridge is running harder to maintain the required temperature. A slight increase during the summer months is expected, but if the increase occurs when the weather is getting cooler, it signals a problem. Contact a refrigerator repair professional. You might be having a problem with your compressor or other functional parts.

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